Self Managed Super Fund

Having a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) enables you to control your own super investments for your retirement.  Having that kind of control and flexibility along with access to expert advice can bring you peace of mind.

It can be likened to a type of do-it-yourself Superannuation.

Setting up an SMSF is a major financial decision and you need to have the time and skills to do it.  There may be other, better options for your superannuation savings.  Either way you should certainly get professional advice.

It is important to have a strong team of professional advisors such as accountants and auditors whom you can turn to for advice and guidance, because once an SMSF is set up it must be run in strict accordance with the law including reporting to the Australian Tax Office on its operation.

Significant tax benefits can be obtained through getting the correct advice as well.

While managing your own super fund might appear to be complex, with the right advice you could be well on your way to reaping financial rewards because you will have more investing options to choose from.  This includes investing in property.

Property investing is something familiar to many of us and we understand the benefits, appreciate that it a less volatile way to invest and that historically, it has always returned good capital growth and provided a regular income stream.  People trust bricks and mortar and banks love it too.

What are the Advantages of Purchasing Property through SMSF?

  • You don’t have to put your hand into your own pocket to invest
  • It gives you the capacity to pay off your investment property via using your employer’s superannuation contributions plus rent received
  • You pay off the investment loan to the lender via your SMSF
  • No tax is payable on rents received in the pension phase
  • Rent from the property is paid into your SMSF
  • No capital gains tax is applied if you sell the property in retirement
  • The beneficiary of the investment property is your SMSF
  • Changes to superannuation legislation now enables investors to have the same level of choice and control over investment properties as they have outside of their super fund
  • Diversifying investments by including investment properties can reduce the risk of loss in your SMSF portfolio as opposed to having “all your eggs in one basket”

Would you like to purchase property through your SMSF?

Seven Percent Property®  can arrange for you to meet with our SMSF Specialist who will assess your situation regarding your capacity to invest in property from your SMSF and answer your questions regarding this investment strategy.

Our SMSF Specialist can facilitate the establishment of your SMSF and assist you to set up your team of professional advisors.  Your professional advisor (either a lawyer or an accountant) will work with you to establish a property trust and Trustee outside of your SMSF.

Commencing from the first point of contact, full support and mentoring will be provided by Seven Percent Property® :

  • Through the assessment for capacity phase
  • To action the facilitation of establishing your SMSF
  • To assist you with the selection and setting up of your team of professional advisors
  • Through arranging for your professional advisor (either a lawyer or an accountant) to set up a property trust and Trustee outside of your SMSF
  • With the stages of property selection and the finance phase
  • Throughout the contract phase
  • Throughout the construction period
  • With the handover phase and introductions to Property Management Services and more.

Contact us today to organise an appointment to meet with a SMSF Specialist to discuss investing in property in your SMSF.