The Science of High Yield Property Investing

According to Albert Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This is certainly true in the property investing arena.

People often invest in properties using the same approach they would use to buy a home. They limit where they search, use the same tools to research, go by appearance of the property and let emotions sway their decisions.

The Science of High Yield Property Investing involves:

  • crunching the numbers
  • wider and deeper research
  • recognising that a property is a vehicle to grow wealth
  • undertaking due diligence
  • negotiating hard to ensure a good outcome for all parties
  • getting the right finance structure
  • using the right settlement clauses
  • knowing how to manufacture growth
  • knowing how to minimise costs and maximise returns
  • the ability to manage time-lines and projects
  • knowledge about property tax
  • using an appropriate buying structure
  • understanding a variety of property investment / development strategies
  • researching the research.

Highly profitable property investing necessitates looking at an investment prospect from many different angles. There is a lot more to successful investing than just purchasing property in a high growth area.

Seven Percent Property® knows from experience that each opportunity has to be researched and analysed in its own right to determine the merits of investing and the capacity of that investment to meet and exceed your investment goals.

Seven Percent Property® knows:

  • how to recognise opportunities that have significant prospects to increase in value
  • how to select high growth areas and products that will produce high yields
  • how to maximise the use of a block of land
  • how to design a product that will yield maximum returns
  • how to interpret DA’s and council regulations
  • how to minimise costs and maximise returns
  • how to undertake due diligence and research demographics, amenities, infrastructure, flooding, zoning and more
  • how to negotiate with vendors and contractors
  • how to deal with local councils, builders, surveyors, valuers, property managers, accountants, solicitors, finance brokers and more
  • how to prepare feasibility studies
  • how to project manage small scale residential property developments
  • how to manufacture growth.

We are not a run of the mill company that only sells house and land packages.
We are specialists in designing strategies that will maximise the returns for our property investors.

 Let us help you to maximise your property investment returns.