NRAS Approved House and Land Packages

Seven Percent Property® can provide the astute investor with NRAS Approved House and Land Packages.  This type of package is highly sought after by residential property investors.  Availability is limited.

What is NRAS?

It is a government incentive scheme (National Rental Affordability Scheme) that less than 0.5% of investors will ever have the opportunity of owning.

The number of properties are strictly limited and capped by the Government and approvals for additional NRAS properties will not be reconsidered until 2015.

This makes owning an NRAS property an exclusive opportunity that less than 1 in every 650 Australians will ever have the opportunity to purchase.

Astute investors do not want to miss out on NRAS properties and act quickly to secure them when they come onto the market because they understand that availability is very limited

Why are NRAS properties sought after by investors?

It is because of the incentives offered by the Government and the fact that they deliver higher yields for residential property investors.

Properties approved for NRAS represent to the investor:

  • A positive cash-flow investment
  • $110,000 + of tax free Government Incentives
  • A Tax free credit of $9,524 a year that is CPI indexed for 10 years
  • A 10 year NRAS rental management program
  • NRAS appointed rental manager specialists
  • The lowest tenancy rates of all investment property types
  • A ready pool of thousands of quality tenants who are eligible and waiting to rent an NRAS property.

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