Seven Percent Property® offers training, education and mentoring to residential property investors and armchair developers.

WORKSHOP:  The Science of High Yield Investment Property

Seven Percent Property® offers a free public workshop for persons interested in owning brand new positively geared properties within Brisbane city suburbs.

During the workshop, attendees:

  • Learn the strategies that other companies don’t share
  • Discover how shrewd investors maximise their returns
  • Find out the six principle steps of Seven Percent Property’s® Armchair Developer Program
  • Learn how to own a brand new positively geared property and get most of the deposit and establishment fees back into their pocket when the project is completed
  • Sign up to receive a complimentary copy of the book The Beginners Guide To The Science of Successful Property Investing.

How to access a workshop

Enter you name and email details to the right of this page to receive free weekly property investing tips, a free copy of The Shrewd Investor and notification of when and where free public workshops are conducted.

If you live in South East Queensland, by request, we can provide the same seminar information in your home or to a small group at no cost.

For those living outside of the Brisbane area, arrangements can be made to conduct a workshop via skype.

Please contact us for further details.

FREE BOOK:  The Shrewd Investor – The Essential Guide to Successful Property Investing

When it comes to investing in property, there are so many pitfalls to be aware of, due diligence and research to undertake, finance and buying structures to consider and more.  It is a lot to deal with for seasoned investors let alone someone just starting out.

The Shrewd Investor has been written to simplify the process and to warn about the common mistakes made by investors.  It is a short and easy to read guide.


Seven Percent Property® provides weekly property investing tips by email free of charge.  We share all kinds of investing tips with you including expert advice from Property Managers, Self Managed Super Fund Specialists, Finance Specialists and more.

Be sure to provide your name and email address using the form
to the right of this page to receive free weekly property investing tips
AND your free copy of  “The Shrewd Investor



Investors who sign up for Seven Percent Property® Project Management Services receive a copy of The Seven Percent Property® Science Of High Yield Residential Property Developing Strategies.

The property developer’s handbook is designed to guide you through the phases, timelines and sequencing required for successful property developing.

We encourage investors to attend workshops run by investing experts, read books, watch videos, do courses  – whatever it takes to gain the knowledge you need to become a successful investor and to have the motivation to put what you learn into practice.

Equipping yourself with expert information can help you avoid costly mistakes.