Dual Occupancy Dwellings

Have you ever considered purchasing a Dual Occupancy Property?  Whether you are a home owner or a property investor there are merits in purchasing this type of property.

Owning a dual occupancy property opens up flexible options such as the following:

  • Separate dwellings for members of extended family
  • Live in one side and rent out the other to assist with the mortgage
  • An excellent vehicle to get onto the first rung of the investment ladder
  • For an investor, dual income every time.

As a straight out investment, being able to receive double rents is a bonus and brings a much higher return than say a 4 bedroom home on the same sized block.  It makes good investing sense to maximise your rental yield… after all, property investing is a business and a business ideally makes a profit.

The properties have separate meters, letter boxes, garaging and similar, so it makes dual living so much easier to do.  The properties are available in a variety of high or low-set versions and blend in very well with the neighbourhood.  They are carefully planned so that privacy is not compromised.

Dual Occupancy homes are also meeting the current market demands.  More and more people are moving away from large properties with big back yards, and are looking to move into homes that are smaller and require less maintenance.   Not that our homes are tiny by any means, but they are a move away from the overly large homes that have been common place until now.

We stay in tune with the market so that we can respond with a product that home owners and renters want.

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