Armchair Development

What is an Armchair Developer?

An Armchair Developer is someone who reaps the rewards of property development without having to do any of the work.  They sit back in their armchair and let an expert do all the work for them.

An Armchair Developer understands the true value of leveraging from the experience and knowledge of others and values their own time highly.

Armchair Development is the perfect solution for people who are time-poor, have the will to be a developer but not the knowledge or who hold a full time job.

This strategy enables them to reap the benefits of being involved in a residential development product that will grow in value without them having to put in the time and effort.

Prior to the development project commencing it is essential to undertake thorough comprehensive research about the area in which you want to develop – the demographics, amenities, infrastructure, council regulations, flooding, capital growth, rental returns, organising permits, obtaining approvals and much more.

Property development requires money, experience, expertise and most of all time.  It is about having the capacity to manage those involved in the development (architects, surveyors, engineers, builders, council etc) and managing the processes.

It requires knowledge about the sequence in which things have to happen.  Timing and time are critical to the success of residential development projects.

You may not feel comfortable or confident about doing all that is required or have the time or expertise to project manage a small residential property development to a successful conclusion.

This is where Seven Percent Property® excels. We offer a Property Development Project Management Service.

We have the experience, the knowledge, the contacts and the skills to fully implement and oversee a residential property development from concept stage to completion.

You can sit back in your armchair while Seven Percent Property® does everything for you.

 Please contact us for further information about Armchair Developing.