About Us

Seven Percent Property® is a boutique company based in Brisbane.  We operate mainly within Queensland and particularly in South East Queensland.

Our team has almost sixty years combined experience in construction engineering, developing concept plans, real estate, property investing and property developing.

We are highly skilled in the science of property investing and know how to achieve the maximum yield from your investment.

We regularly liaise with experts whose core business is property investing/developing.  As a consequence of our research, we now have experts in the field of property management, conveyance and property law, accountancy and finance broking whom we can recommend with confidence to our clients.

Our Ethics and Value Base

Seven Percent Property® is a client focussed company who endeavour at all times to provide excellence in client support and service.

The company takes on a strictly limited number of clients per year. This enables Seven Percent Property® to give full attention to each client.

We match the client’s property investing goals with products that meet their criteria to a high standard that is within their financial means.

All potential clients engage in a qualifying process to ensure they have the financial capacity to purchase a property.  At no time will Seven Percent Property® ever work outside of someone’s financial capacity.  The safety and welfare of our clients is of utmost importance to us.

 We delight in offering hands-on personal service.